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Sometimes we bought through a broker, and sometimes through direct investment. First Share minimizes the purchase cost of the first share of stock…..First Share just seems like a really good idea for people who are not high-level investors.

Louis D.,
Indianapolis, IN

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There's a wonderful website called Firstshare.com where you can buy one share of stock. You as the grandparent or as the parent can say to your child you're going to go on this website, it's a small annual fee to be a member there. You're going to pick a stock that you would like to own. We're going to follow it, and we'll buy you that first share right here on the website. And you can check it out from there.
Participating in First Share can be quite educational, because the participating individuals themselves must effect the transfer of shares between buyer and seller. Members learn quickly about stock powers, signature guaranties and transfer agents, but F rst Share provides all the information and sample forms to make it as easy and understandable as possible.

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