Our Program for DRiP Investors

What is FirstShare?

The FirstShare Program for DRiP Investors is a referral program which refers the requests of investors who wish to purchase one share of stock to members willing to sell one share. FirstShare maintains a database of members who own shares in the companies listed on the FirstShare website, and who have offered to sell single shares to other members. All of our selling members have been thoroughly screened.

Why You Need It


Most companies require that investors already own at least one share of its stock before allowing that investor to enroll in its DRiP plan. Traditional methods of purchasing stock can be cost prohibitive to small investors wanting to get started with DRiPs. Our program for DRiP investors saves you time and money by helping you acquire your first share of stock in the company of your choice and automatically enrolling you in that company's DRiP. Our program is simple, effective and allows you, the investor, to take control of your own financial future and avoid excessive brokerage fees and commissions.

How it Works

Step 1: Choose Plan That Best Suits Your Needs
FirstShare CLASSIC
Annual Membership Fee: None
Referral Fee: $14.95/request
Automatic DRiP Enrollment

FirstShare PRO
Annual Membership Fee: $29.95
Referral Fee: $4.95/request
Automatic DRiP Enrollment
FREE Beginner's Guide to Investing with DRiPs

Step 2: Select From More Than 100 DRiP Plans

Once you have chosen the membership option that works best for you, you can select from the more than 100 DRiP plans offered through the FirstShare Program for DRiP Investors. Our company profile pages include summaries of each company's operations, its financials, its dividend history and its DRiP plan.

Step 3: Submit Your Referral Request

By requesting a referral, you are requesting that FirstShare refer you to one of our selling members who will sell you one share of stock in the company of your choosing. You may initiate a referral request by clicking on the "Request Now" button at the bottom of each company's profile page or by going to your "MyFirstShare" page and clicking on the "New Request" button.

Step 4: You Will Be Matched With A Seller

After you submit your request, our database will instantaneously match you with one of our experienced selling members who has aggreed to sell one share of stock to a buying member -- that would be you.

Step 5: Submit Contact Information to Seller

You will be prompted to submit an email with your preferred method of contact to the selling member with whom you were matched. We will ensure that the seller has received your request but, out of respect for your privacy, we do not provide your contact information directly to the seller unless you have specifically requested that we do so.

You should receive a response from the seller within three business days. If not, you should email us and we will contact the seller on your behalf. We will be here for you throughout the entire process, should you have any questions/concerns.

Please Read our Terms of Use

Step 6: Complete Necessary Documents

Expect the seller to send you several documents that will require your attention to complete the stock purchase, as well as to transfer the share into your name.

Once complete, the seller will send these documents to the transfer agent which will record your name as the official owner of the share and open a DRiP account in your name.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are Now a Shareholder and Enrolled in the Company's DRiP.

The entire share transfer process should take 1-4 weeks depending upon the company you select and its corresponding transfer agent.