Benefits of using First Share

Automatic Enrollment in the DRiP of Your Choice

Most companies require that investors already own at least one share of its stock before allowing that investor to enroll in its DRiP plan. The First Share Program for DRiP Investors not only helps you acquire that first share, but it also gets you automatically enrolled in the DRiP of your choice. This saves you time and money when compared to other methods of investing with DRiPs

Avoid Excessive Brokerage Fees & Commissions

This is our "bread and butter" and is why First Share was created. We want to help our members avoid excessive brokerage fees and commissions so that they will have more money to invest in their own futures. The average retail investor -- that's you -- trades stock once a month. If you assume that each trade costs $10, that's $120 per year paid to a stockbroker. If you could avoid those fees and reinvest them into your own portfolio, then in 10 years that $120 could be worth almost $260. Those savings can add up over time.

Here's how we compare to our competitors:
Annual Member Fee
NONE / $40
NONE / $153
Owner Fee (p/stock)
$15 / $5
$50 / $25
Cost per Trade
Our selling members generally charge a small "convenience fee" to help offset some of the costs involved with transferring one share to you. These costs include postage and banking fees, among others.

Minimize Risks by Automating Your Investment Plan

With recent market volatility, many average investors have chosen to stop investing in an attempt to preserve their nest eggs. Our research, however, shows that if you were to have continued to invest, on a monthly basis, throughout the recent market turmoil, your investment portfolio would be worth 34% more today than if you had sold your stock and stopped investing completely.

DRiPs allow you to automate your investment decisions and minimize the risks associated with market timing. With most companies in our program, you will be able to build your portfolio with as little as $10 to $25 per month. While it doesn't seem like much, it certainly will add up over time.

Build a Diversified Portfolio

By making small, monthly investments in several stocks rather than one lump sum investment in one stock, you will be able to build a more diversified portfolio which, if properly implemented, will help to lower your overall risk of investing. DRiPs can help those with limited funds build a diversified portfolio over time.

The following two graphics are examples of portfolios consisting of five stocks each that can be built for only $80 per month or $250 per month using DRiPs.

The portfolios above are not intended as recommendations, but as an illustration of how a diversified portfolio can be built with minimal monthly investments using DRiPs.

First Share Pro members have access to our model portfolios which are designed to minimize risk and maximize return for a specific portfolio. We have two model portfolios that were developed using modern portfolio theory.

Join First Share now and get started investing in your future.

Remember, the road to wealth begins with your first share!