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We’re about to share an investing strategy that Motley Fool raved is “A great way to grow money.” Kiplinger called it “investing for the risk-averse.” And Forbes said it could “pay big dividends (literally).”

It’s a strategy recommended by everyone from Suze Orman to The Chicago Tribune.

And it’s a strategy that helps investors like you avoid the rollercoaster ups and downs of Wall Street and safely build long-term wealth no matter what that market is doing.

The strategy? It’s called Dividend Reinvestment Plans, or DRiPs for short—special direct stock purchase programs offered by some of the most stable, well-known blue chip companies on the planet, including Coca-Cola, Home Depot, ExxonMobil, Pfizer and many others.

Most investors have no idea that this little-known investing program even exists.

But here at FirstShare, DRiPs are all we do. We’ve built our business doing one thing: helping investors like you get started in DRiP investing and build a financially secure future.

Our Beginner's Guide to Investing with DRiPs explains step-by-step why DRiP investing is your key to worry-free investing no matter how the market is performing that week. Inside, we'll explain:

What are DRiPs?
How to get started investing with DRiPs
What are the costs associated with investing with DRiPs? Benefits of DRIPs
Recordkeeping and taxes
How to buy and sell shares
How to transfer shares
Investment strategies
And more!

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